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Live crickets are one of our hottest selling items, but we have some specialized items as well including a very effective Parvo treatment for the parvo virus in dogs and puppies. This product is currently available at a very low price compared to the normal Vet charge (see the banner below with more details).

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Your Puppy CAN Survive Parvo!


Parvaid can help your dog overcome the deadly parvovirus!

Canine parvovirus is deadly for puppies because their young bodies can't afford to suffer long from its effects and the virus usually strikes suddenly. But AmberTech's Parvaid can help them through the illness by fortifying a dog's immune system. Combining Parvaid with a natural antibiotic, such as Vibactra, is a proven, effective treatment for parvovirus in dogs of all ages. Parvo can be contracted from contact with sick pets, but Parvaid is also a preventative that can keep your pet from ever manifesting the painful symptoms of parvo! Buy Parvaid today and keep it on hand. The sooner you can begin treatments, the best chance you give your dog or puppy for surviving parvo!